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CDG PARFUM Zero Eau de Parfum Natural Spray

Regular price S$250 SGD

Zero is a radical expression of simplicity. A reset. The origin of a new perspective: the antithesis of excess. An exploration of freedom found within purposefulparameters. Carbon neutrality embraced as a formativeconcept; the foundational motif of a fragrance. Every element shaped by reduction.

Fewer ingredients: a shorter formula, meticulouslyassembled. At once in line with the Comme des Garçonsfragrance philosophy and the preservation of resources. Rich, natural cedarwood ‚Äì hand-harvested and extractedusing hydroelectric power ‚Äì enlivened by a fresh breeze ofbergamot. the raw seduction of musk and equitably-sourcedhaitian vetiver patchworked against illusory beauty:an overdose of synthetic rose,a varnish accord.

A fully-recyclable glass vessel. the bare minimumof printing. Black ink and fsc-qualified paper. Abalance sought between maximal sensory impactand minimal environmental consequence.