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NIKE ISPA MindBody Light Cream DH7546-200

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Welcome home. From first look to first step, the ISPA MindBody is the new definition of R&R. The inviting and pillowy foam midsole is an oasis of sensations, while its light and airy Flyknit upper (made from recycled yarns) provides a sanctuary you won't want to step away from. Bonus: In place of an insole, you'll find lofted Flyknit underfoot for a brand-new sensation.

Guided by Nike's circular design philosophy, each pair is constructed with interlocking components and the intent of using fewer materials. A key feature of this concept is designing with product end of life in mind, which resulted in shoes that can be easily disassembled. No glue necessary—just a single cording system that holds it all together. When you're done with your shoes, there's no need to take them apart or throw them away. Simply drop 'em off at a participating Nike store and they'll be given a new life through donation or recycling.
Ahhhh is a good place to be. Go ahead—sink into it.

Nike ISPA: a philosophy entwining the concepts of improvise, scavenge, protect and adapt to create space for those who are seeking deeper meaning and connection to the products they use. This chapter of ISPA products explores two sustainable design solutions to help make the world a better place. We're taking an environmental approach with circularity, and a human-centred approach with connectivity. The MindBody design is guided by these principles, using product disassembly and proprioception (the awareness of how your body moves throughout space and interacts with your environment) to take you into the next evolution of footwear design.

Size US Men's