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ASICS Jogger X81

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The JOGGER X81™ sneaker draws inspiration from various jogging shoes in the ASICS archive.

The upper references various influences from the the ULTIMATE, TIGER PAW™ X1, SORTIE™ LYTE GONA™, and X-CALIBER™ shoes. These 1980s details are harmonized with modern materials that create a new heritage-inspired design.

We took inspiration from the ULTIMATE shoe‘s cushioning structure. By updating this technology with larger holes on the outside and smaller holes on the inside, the shoe offers better cushioning and stability.

Meanwhile, the Caldera outsole design references the shape formed by Hawaiian volcanoes after they erupt and collapse. This unique design was initially intended to help prevent soil from getting stuck in the tread when running off-road.

Upper draws inspiration from the ULTIMATE™, TIGER PAW™ X1, SORTIE™ LYTE, GONA™, and X-CALIBER™ shoes
Cush-Hole midsole structure from the ULTIMATE shoe improves cushioning and stability
Caldera outsole design helps prevent dirt from getting stuck in the tread

Size US Men's