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VANS GOODFIGHT Lettermans Jacket Black

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Vault by Vans partnered with Los Angeles-based fashion label Goodfight for a collection epitomized by a time where individuals “grow up” and form their discovered family. Inspired by Eastern culture prep school uniforms and classic American West Coast fashion staples, the collection reflects the brand’s multifaceted identity coupled with nostalgia.  

The Goodfight Letterman Jacket is a nod towards high school varsity jackets with a vintage twist. Goodfight worked with Vans to develop the coat’s distinct look with exaggerated lapels and a boxy, slightly cropped body. Cut in a wool blend melton and faux leather, the jacket is a blank canvas for the several different chenille patches included with the coat that can attach in whichever orientation the wearer prefers. Tonal “Darlings” chainstitch details above the right double-welted pocket. Melton-faux leather paneling on the collar mimics Goodfight’s double-collar detail that is a reference to cultural duality

  • Vintage fit, slightly cropped and boxier¬†
  • Rib cuffs with jacquard stripe¬†
  • Welt pockets
  • Chain stitch embroidery detail¬†
  • Chenille and embroidered patches for DIY options
  • Body: 50% wool, 30% polyester, 20% viscose¬†
  • Sleeves: 100% faux leather¬†