Loosejoints Barnzley / Betty Davis


Founder of the shirt label [Wemblex]

In 1988, the United Kingdom's Second Summer of Love Movement broke out in the spring and by the summer it became a social phenomenon throughout the United Kingdom.

In fact, there is a magazine that seems to have predicted its arrival. That magazine is the i-D Magazine combined issue of December 1987 and January 1988.
The smiley face artwork on the cover was produced in November 1987. The artwork design was created by Barnzly - who was an i-D stylist at the time and then went on to make the CHANEL No. 5 (exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum), Hermes and Gucci bootleg T-shirts which were popular in the UK and Japan in 1987.

At the time, now well known brands like Hermes and Gucci were very unpopular and they were ‘’dead’’ on the street.

However, thanks to the influence of New York hip-hop culture, bootleg T-shirts were created and then bootlegged and released by Barnzly in 2018.