Loosejoints Eye / Loo Loo Cool J


EYE is best known as a member of the BOREDOMS since the 80’s, and has released 14 albums as BOREDOMS. He joined the Bill Haswell Project and went on tour with NakedCity, Sonic Youth, and LOLLAPALOOZA. He has performed live with 77 drums in Brooklyn, New York on July 7, 2007 and with 88 drums on August 8, 2008 in Los Angeles, California as part of the same project.

EYE is an accomplished visual artist - his work includes collaborations with Shinro Ohtake, and he has designed many record covers, including the jacket of the Beck album Midnight Vultures and exhibitions in various countries. His work is combined in his collection book NANOO, ONGALOO, and WEOEM. He started as a DJ since the 90’s, influenced by U-STAR, and with a compound eye, he acts many different performances with different stage names. As AEO, he also collaborates with Taeji Sawai, and is experimenting by using sensors during his projects.. The artist’s official name is Yamataka EYE.