Converse Skid Grip Beat The World

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The Beat the World Skidgrip: an iconic gem emerges from the vault and brings with it the legendary story of Converse basketball. This limited-edition release takes us deep into the hoops archives, collecting elements of our court heritage from every era all the way back to the beginning. The approach blends analog and digital design: vintage ads, logos and even yearbook photos were cut out by hand, reassembled, scanned and recolored in vivid tones.

The result turns the effortless style of the Skidgrip into a vibrant celebration of basketball history that speaks to our competitive legacy and spirit of expression. When you™re out to beat the world, you wear this limited-edition Skidgrip.    

  • Limited-edition archival high top  
  • Dynamic canvas print made with retro logos, graphics and imagery cut out by hand and digitally colored 
  • Retro padded collar  
  • Classic Skidgrip herringbone outsole 


US Men's Sizing